Importance and best sources of calcium

Importance and best sources of calcium

Importance and best sources of calcium

Hello friends, welcome to today’s block post. In today’s block post, we will know the importance of calcium, why a human body needs calcium the most, how much calcium does a person need in a day, the best sources of calcium. Which are the things from which we get the best calcium?

Why do you need calcium?

Calcium is important for the healthy development and growth of your bones, teeth and neurons.Important for maintenance. The structure of all the bones of our body is made of calcium. Calcium plays an important role in keeping them healthy. Without them, it is impossible to keep the bones healthy. It is very important to have calcium to keep our teeth functional. If calcium If there is a deficiency in the teeth then the teeth start breaking on their own, their sensitivity gets lost and they also start melting.goes

How much calcium is necessary to take in a day?

A person needs about 1000 mg (1 gram) of calcium a day. Calcium is not produced in our body on auto mode, hence we have to fulfill this requirement only by adding calcium to our food and drinks.

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sources of calcium

The best sources of calcium are milk and milk products, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese. Other sources include:Fish, sesame seeds, cabbage, broccoli, sesame seeds, and butter. There are some food items which contain the best calcium.

1.One cup (about 240 ml) of milk contains about 300 mg of calcium.

2.About 100 grams of cheese contains about 700 mg calcium.

3.One bowl (about 100 grams) of curd contains about 200 mg of calcium.

4.Approximately 100 grams of spinach contains approximately 100 milligrams of calcium.Is.

5.One bowl (about 100 grams) of moong dal contains about 70 mg calcium.

6. Apricots contain the highest amount of calcium. Eating a few apricots provides approximately 162 mg calcium.

7. Kiwi contains 34 mg calcium in 100 grams. One cup of kiwi contains 61.2 mg calcium.

8.Mulberries contain 55 mg calcium in one cup.

9. Also in a glass of plum juiceContains 55 mg calcium.

10. 100 grams of orange contains 40 mg calcium.

People also asked

1.Which is the food with the highest calcium?

Ragi Ragi is considered a superfood which is rich in calcium. There is about 364mg calcium per 100 grams of this cereal, while 100ml cow’s milk contains 118mg calcium. , Good calcium is also found in tofu, almonds, spinach, white sesame etc.

2.What is the best source of calcium?

Milk is a substance which contains the best amount of calcium andIt is found that everyone can take it easily and it is easily available everywhere. A good amount of calcium is found in milk and milk products and it is also an easily digestible beverage.

3.Which pulse has the highest amount of calcium?

Although calcium is found in all the pulses, but moong dal is such a pulse which has the best and highest quantity of calcium.Along with calcium, fiber and protein are also found in good quantity.

4.1 How much calcium should one eat in a day?

An adult human needs 1000 mg calcium a day.

5.What diseases can be caused by calcium deficiency?

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis means weakening of bones. If you consume less amount of calcium in your diet then your bones start decaying rapidly. startingThere are problems like back pain, waist pain, neck pain, if ignored then later on your bones start breaking and the pain persists.

6.What should we eat when calcium is low?

In case of calcium deficiency, we need green leafy vegetables, dairy products made from milk, mung beans, tofu, custard apple, orange etc. Some of the food items which contain good amount of calcium are

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