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Thanks a lot for your valuable time. I have been sharing diet/nutrition tips, meal plans since Jan 2020.

I have helped hundreds of people online via quora, Facebook, and the telegram app. My content reached Over 700k people across all these platforms.

I never asked for money or did any paid services, I strongly believe in karma, and I believe that helping people with health is the best thing I could help them with.

Times are challenging, and I did free consultation as much I can.

From this day, I decided to open up for online donations.

If you like my content or my content helped you in any way, you could donate to me via Paytm or PayPal.

Your contribution will help me to continue my work.

  • I will use these donations to test out more and more products.
  • I will be able to help more and more people.



Donation to be via Paytm
Donation to be via Paytm

Trust me, Every penny you donate to me will come to you in a way or another.

Thank You!!!

Feel free to DM me your questions.