Benefits and disadvantages of lemon tea

Benefits and disadvantages of lemon tea

Benefits and disadvantages of lemon tea

Benefits and disadvantages of lemon tea

Hello friends, in today’s block post we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking lemon tea because everything has two sides. Whatever we say, we should be aware of both its advantages and disadvantages. One of them is Lemon tea: If we take it in limited quantity then it works on our body like nectar, but if we start taking it frequently.If we go there, it may have some side effects on our body. In today’s post, we will get some information about it which can be very beneficial for us.


1. Source of Vitamin C

: Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. People who have the problem of frequent cold or are allergic to cold when the weather changes, if they use this tea then their relief will be reduced to a great extent.Till then they can get benefit in this problem

2. Improves digestion:

If people who suffer from indigestion or excessive gas consumption consume lemon tea twice a day, this problem can be reduced to a great extent because lemon Tea improves digestion and can help reduce indigestion and gas.

3.Weight control:

People who are overweight or who are obeseIf they use this tea after waking up in the morning, it can help them in losing weight to a great extent because lemon tea also works to close the extra stomach accumulated in our stomach, due to which we can control the weight. Can be helpful in doing.

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4.Beneficial for the skin:

Its consumption improves the skin and makes it glowing. Lemon contains many elements which make our skin soft and complexion clear.It works, hence its consumption gives natural glow to our skin. Loss However, its consumption may also

have some disadvantages, such as:

1.Stomach problems:

Drinking in excess can cause stomach problems, such as acidity or ulcers. Because due to sourness, it works to produce acid in the stomach, due to which people suffer from problems like burning sensation in the stomach, acidity etc., the most serious of which isA serious problem like ulcer appears which can occur due to excessive consumption of it, hence use tea in limited quantity or under someone’s guidance.

2.Dental problems:

Excessive consumption of lemon can be harmful for teeth, as it can reduce their range. Due to which the sensitivity of the teeth gets lost and there is a tingling sensation in the teeth. Due to the teeth being soft, they start breaking.But are not able to eat cold or gum, so if anyone already has this problem then they should not consume this tea. If this is not a problem then at least use this tea.

3. Make bones weak:

Lemon contains an acid which gradually makes our bones weak or brittle, due to which the bones do not absorb calcium. For those people who already have the problem of bone pain. So this tea is poisonIt is similar but if even a normal person uses itexcessively then he may have this problem. Due to weak bones and loss of their polish, bones can break quickly, hence it should be used only in limited quantity.

Apart from this, properties like antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, and folate are found in lemon tea.


1. How many times a day can we drink lemon tea?

of lemonWe should drink tea at least 2 to 3 times a day because drinking it too much causes acidity in the stomach, which can increase problems like ulcers.

2. Can lemon tea help you lose weight?

If we consume a cup of lemon tea after waking up in the morning, it can help us in reducing weight to a great extent.

3.Is it good to drink lemon tea daily?

Helpful in getting rid of digestive problemsTea made from lemon. Consuming lemon tea regularly can strengthen the digestive system. If you consume lemon tea daily, you can also get rid of the problems of gas and indigestion.

4. Disadvantages of lemon tea?

If you consume lemon tea excessively, it may reduce the range of your teeth, your bones may become weak and there may be pain in the bones and stomach.Problems like acidity or ulcer may also occur.

5. What is the right time to drink lemon tea?

The right time to drink lemon tea is in the morning. If you drink a cup of lemon tea in the morning, it can give you many benefits.

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