Do not use mangoes after eating them

Do not use mangoes after eating them

Do not use mangoes after eating them

Do not use mangoes after eating them

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s block post. In today’s post we will learn about the nature of mango, its properties and when it is eaten and what should be eaten before and after eating it and what should not be eaten.

I will know about mango Mango is a popular and everyone’s favorite fruit which both children and adults like to eat. It comes in summer and is very popular in summers.Famous for its taste, aroma, and nutrition. This fruit provides us with various types of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which are beneficial for our health. Apart from this, the nature of mango also plays an important role in its health-

promoting properties.

mango effect Mango is considered a gram for eating, but due to being ripe in winter, the nature of mango is cold, due to which it is a delicacy in the summer season.It is considered a cool and soothing fruit. Useful in summer, its beneficial effect helps in cooling the body and provides relief from the heat of summer. Apart from this, Vitamin C found in mango also helps in its cooling effect.

What should not be eaten after eating mango?

1.Milk or milk products=

Mango contains Vitamin C and other elements, which can react with milk and improve the digestive system.Can spoil. Both mango and milk contain a lot of fat, which can be difficult for our body to digest, which can cause digestive problems. Therefore, after eating mango, one should drink milk only after a gap of at least two hours.

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2.Fried food=

As we all know that mango is rich in fat but if we eat fried food after eating mango then it becomes difficult for us to digest both.It becomes difficult for the digestive system, hence one should not eat fried food after eating mango, otherwise you may face serious problems like acidity.

3. Eating too much spicy food:

Eating spicy or cold food after eating mango can cause stomach problems and have a negative effect on your skin. This can also cause acne. This combination can seriously affect your body. skin by mixing bothThere may be problems like disease, stomach upset etc.

4. Bitter gourd =

Bitter gourd should not be eaten after eating mango because it takes time to digest both of them. If we eat both together then it can spoil our digestive system and can also spoil the taste of the mouth, which can lead to bad taste in your mouth. You may have to face problems like vomiting, stomach pain, acidity, burning sensation.


One should not drink water immediately after eating mango becauseThis has an adverse effect on our digestive system because mangoes contain fiber and resins, if we drink water immediately, they get washed away, which cannot function properly in our stomach, due to which, if they do not survive, there is a lot of waste in the stomach. can cause problems

6.Cold drink or soft drink=

Citric acid present in mango combines with carbonic acid present in cold drinks and creates poison in the stomach. MangoDrinking cold drinks after eating affects the digestion process and can cause flatulence.



some people may have stomach ache and allergy problems after eating mango. Such people should avoid eating mangoes. If they face any kind of problem after eating mangoes, they should consult their doctor.please consult Similarly, mango is a delicious and nutritious fruit that is beneficial for our health, but it is worth noting that the physical reaction of every person may be different, so if a person has any related problems, he should consult a doctor. .


1.How long after eating mango should one drink water?

Drinking water: One should never drink water immediately after eating mango. Many people drink water immediately after eating mango. Which has a bad effect on the digestive system. Therefore, whenever you eat mango, drink water only after half an hour.

2.What should not be done after eating mango Avoid these five things after eating mangoIt is better if you do not consume milk, curd, water, cold drinks, fried cheese, spicy cheese, lemon orange.

3. After how much time should one drink water after eating fruits?

We should drink water at least half an hour after eating any fruit because fruits contain good amount of fiber which is good for our intestines, but if we drink water immediately after that, the fiber gets dissolved which is good for our intestines. Know our stomach doesn’t work

4.1 How many mangoes can you eat in a day?

A healthy person should eat 200 to 250 grams of mango in a day. The weight of a normal sized mango is approximately the same. One mango contains about 60 grams of carbohydrates.

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