An Effective Way to Get 100gms Protein on a Vegan Diet.

More than eighty million people worldwide follow a vegan lifestyle, and it’s growing at an exponential rate. There is a popular myth that you can’t get enough protein on a vegan diet; this is not true. 

A hundred grams of protein in a day is not a challenging task. If you understand nutrition and calorie management, you can easily make a 100g protein vegan meal plan for yourself. 

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Why Is Soy Protein Isolate The Worst Protein Powder for Men?

Millions of people use protein powder supplements worldwide. There are various protein powder supplements available in the market these days, for example, whey protein, casein protein, vegan/ plant-based protein, etc., but which of these protein powders is the worst for men? 

No, it’s not whey or casein, or pea protein; it’s soy protein isolate. Soy protein isolate is the worst protein powder supplement that anyone can consume

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What Is the Best Protein Source for Your Body?

Protein is an essential nutrient. Protein comes in various forms and different sources. We have animal sources, including meat, eggs, dairy, protein-based supplements, and plant-based sources for protein food.  

Everyone needs protein. The amount of protein depends on your personal goals. A healthy person needs protein equal to their body weight for muscle maintenance, skincare, and many more things. 

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How To Get 150g of Protein On A Vegetarian Diet Without Any Protein Powder?

A lot of people ask me, 

  • Is it possible to eat 150 grams of Protein on a vegetarian diet?
  • I don’t like whey protein; how can I have a high-protein vegetarian diet at home?  
  • Is it necessary to use whey protein powders or protein bars for daily protein nourishment? 
  • What are the benefits of using whey protein for a high-protein vegetarian diet? 
  • Planning a Vegetarian Diet lifestyle, but don’t know how to start?

If you also have these questions, have a thorough reading of this blog post. I assure you, You’ll get the answer to all your questions. 

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