Main sources and functions of protein

Main sources and functions of protein

Hello, I welcome you in today’s block post. In this post we will talk about protein. Protein is the most important nutrient for our body which makes an important contribution in keeping our entire body healthy, from our hair to Even toe nails need protein. Every cell of our screen needs protein. Without it, our entire body cannot function properly.Our brain also needs protein to function properly.

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Main sources and functions of protein

function of proteins

1.muscle growth =

Protein plays an important role in maintaining our muscles. During whatever work or workout we do, our muscles break. We need protein to repair them because protein also does the repairing work which helps us in maintaining our muscles. Marriage also repairs muscles, not muscle growth.It is also helpful to a great extent in

2.maintains energy

Another function of protein is to maintain our energy throughout the day. If people who have energy use protein, they do not feel weak throughout the day. They feel energetic throughout the day. Work in a different body. Has the agility to do it.

3.Creation of new cells in the body

If new cells are not produced in our body thenSomewhere the main reason is the lack of protein, hence we need protein the most to keep the cells producing in the body. hair growth

People who do not have hair growth, there is a lack of protein in their diet, hence for good growth, it is important for them to add protein in their daily diet so that their hair becomes strong and their glands are also good.

The partner is their partner and their ejaculation should also be less. Who needs how much protein? Be it a woman or a man, an old person or a child, everyone needs protein. Be it a household worker or a job seeker or a heavy workout goer or a bodybuilder, everyone needs protein.
That’s why we talk about Who needs how much protein? normal working woman to man For a normal working person, according to his weightEqual amount of protein is required i.e. a person weighing 60 kg needs 60 grams of protein. How much protein for heavy workout people? A person who does heavy workout or goes to the gym or does hard labor work requires one and a half times more protein as per his weight, which is 1 kg of 1.5gm protein. How to supplement protein of dailyTo meet the demand of protein, it is not necessary that we use only the packaged protein powder available in the market.
We can fulfill it by balancing the things we eat daily. Therefore, we take complete information about what to eat at what time. So that our daily protein requirement can be fulfilled

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Egg Omelette and Oats Smoothie For breakfast, if we have Egg Omelette and Oats SmoothieIf we use it, then let’s talk about how much protein and other vitamins we get. For Omelette [Egg Whites(4) + Whole Eggs(2)] For Smoothie [Oats(50g)+ Milk(100ml)+ Banana(1)+ 1 scoop whey protein] Egg whites are a high-quality protein source, and we use oats, egg yolks, and milk for carbs and fat. This is how you create a balanced dietAnd a balanced diet contains the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats.
Macros:- Protein = 50-55 grams Carbs = 70-75 grams Fat = 10-15 grams Calories = 800-850kcal
This meal is a high-protein, easy and quick breakfast. It will hardly take more than 10 minutes to prepare.

Meal 2 (Lunch)

We eat the afternoon bhajan to our heart’s content because it takes the whole day to digest and the whole day is ours.It is also there in front of us, hence we know what we take in it, through which we get to know about what is supplied in what quantity. Rice, Lentils, and
Soya Chunks Rice (80 gm) + Dal (100 gm) + Soya Chunks (80 gm) + Butter (10 gm)
Macros:- Protein = 60-65 grams Carbs = 85-90 grams Fat = 10-15 grams Calories = 750-800kcal

Meal 3 (Pre-Workout)

Pre-workout means when you feel hungry while working out.But if the breakfast you take is a mix of gram and curd, then how much can you take in it? Gram and curd Boiled gram (1 cup) Curd (100 grams) Black pepper, salt (to taste)
Macros:- Protein = 20 grams Carbs = 50 grams Fat = 6 grams Calories = 335kcal
Since this is the pre-workout or pre-workout meal, I kept the carbs high, protein moderate and fat low. GramGood source of carbs and fiber. Carbs are your primary source of fuel, and it gives you the energy to perform intense physical activity.

Meal 4 (dinner)

If you have cheese bread or roti and a little salad for dinner, what do you get in it? Paneer + Bread Paneer (200 grams) Chapati Bread (wheat flour 100 grams) salad
Protein = 40 grams Carbs = 50-60 grams fat= 35-40 grams Calories = 670kcal
The final meal is high in protein, fat and moderate in carbs as cottage casein is the primary high protein source of protein,.which will keep your body nourished for a long time.


1.What should be eaten to get protein?
For protein, milk, peanuts and soybean should be consumed..If you consume porridge instead of non-vegetarian food then you will get 12 grams in 100 grams.Protein is available, 36 grams in soybean, 3.4 grams in milk, 18 grams in paneer, 18 grams in peanuts, 19 grams in gram.
2.How to increase protein in the body?
To increase protein in the body, you can use almonds, dairy product, cheese, cheese, curd, whey, you can also use skimmed milk, use roasted gram, use makhana.

3.What to eat when there is proteind eficiency?

Eat these things to overcome protein deficiency in the body Egg beans dairy products Dry Fruits chicken breast

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