Equate Whey Protein Review (Only Review You Need To Read)

Should You Buy Equate Protein Powder in 2024? Looking for an in-depth Equate protein powder review?

Since there are hundreds of protein powder brands available in the market, then how good is equate protein for your protein requirements?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will learn everything about the famous Walmart protein powder brand known as Equate whey protein powder.

Equate Whey Protein Powder [Quick Review]

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Have you ever walked into Walmart’s protein supplement section? If yes, you know exactly how it feels because hundreds of protein supplement brands are available in Walmart.  

Equate whey protein is also known as Walmart protein powder. It’s a famous whey protein powder at Walmart. Walmart is the official offline seller of Equate whey protein. 

Equate Whey Protein Powder Review [In-Depth]

Whey protein has all the essential and non-essential amino acids our body needs daily. The amino acids like BCAA present in whey protein make the recovery process pretty fast and help muscle-building millions of athletes use this protein supplement.

Equate Protein Powder Ingredients

Equate has used milk protein concrete, isolate, natural and artificial flavors, and sucralose( artificial sugar). It contains both milk and soy.

  • Milk protein concentrate(primary protein source)
  • Milk protein isolate(secondary protein)
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Thickeners & Stabilizers

It’s not a 100% lean whey isolate product. It’s a blend of two different types of whey protein powder.

Lean whey protein supplements use only whey isolate for manufacturing. If you want a 100% lean whey protein isolate supplement then you should look for other options. 

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Bioavailability of Protein

Bioavailability of Protein means the % of protein available in a scoop of protein powder supplement. To analyze that let’s take a look at the equate whey protein powder nutrition facts.  

Equate Protein Powder Nutritional Facts

One serving of Equate Walmart protein provides

  • Calories = 85 kcal
  • Protein = 15 gm
  • Fat = 1.2gm 
  • Carbs = 2.5 gm,  etc. 

Protein Bioavailability= 15/25*100

= 60%

The Bioavailability of protein is 60%. If you compare this amount to any industry-standard protein powder supplement available on the market, you will find they all have at least 75 to 80% bioavailability of the protein in them

Still, it’s a pretty significant bioavailability of protein overall.  

Equate Protein Powder Mixability

Mixability is one of the most important qualities of a protein powder supplement. No matter how great protein is if it does not mix well with liquids, people will not like the supplement.

After going through hundreds of online reviews I found that the overall majority of people are happy/ok with the mixability of this supplement.  

You can use this supplement with water, milk, fruit juice, and smoothies and make many delicious recipes with it.  

How To Use Equate Whey Protein Powder? 

There are several creative ways to use this product. You can use this for shakes, smoothies, pancakes, cookies, and cakes, you can even make healthy protein-rich protein bars at home.  

This protein has little amount of sugar in it so it’s best to not use this product with highly sugary fruits. If you don’t like sweetness in general then you can use it with water. That will suit the goal.  Though many people have claimed that it doesn’t taste good with water.

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How Many Equate Protein Shakes A Day?

This is a beginner’s question. People who are new to protein supplements often ask this question.

If you are also a first-time protein powder supplement user then there are a few things you can learn and decide how much protein you can use in a day.

One scoop of Walmart protein has 85 calories. So if you are following a calorie deficit diet, you can use up to 3 scoops (85*3 = 255) of the protein supplement in a day.

For calorie surplus where you are consuming more than you burn in a day. You can use up to 4 or 5 scoops in a day.

Equate Protein Powder Price

Cost-effectiveness is the most significant advantage of this supplement. A 2-lb equate whey protein will not cost you more than $15 at any offline Walmart store. 

That’s why thousands of people love to buy this protein powder at Walmart. If you want to buy online then you can equate the whey protein powder supplement to this product on Amazon.  

It’s pretty affordable and budget-friendly whey protein powder. 

Equate Protein Powder Pros and Cons 

Though we have discussed almost everything this equates whey protein powder has to offer. If you made it this far in this review, you can decide if it is good or bad for you.

After reading and analyzing hundreds of reviews online, I’m sharing a few pros and cons of Equate whey protein supplement. 

Where Can You Buy Equate Protein Powder?

If you live in the US, You can buy equate protein powder supplements at any nearby Walmart store if you want to buy offline. It will cost you around $15-18 at any Walmart store. Its popularity makes it one of the most sold protein powders at Walmart.

If you want to buy this supplement online, you can buy it on Amazon. It will cost you around $30 to 40 on Amazon. This supplement comes in two flavors – vanilla and chocolate.  

Equate Whey Protein: FAQs

  1. Is equate protein powder good?

    Equate protein is a good option for people looking for a budget protein powder supplement. Though Equate whey is not a lean isolate protein supplement.

  2. Do protein shakes make you gain weight?

    No, The main reason for the main reason is overeating or eating in a calorie surplus. If you are eating way more than your daily calorie needs, it will not make you gain weight.

  3. What is the best protein powder for weight loss?

    You need to understand protein powders are not something magical thing that will do everything for you, whether it is fat loss or muscle gain. Protein powders help to fulfill your daily protein goal.
    For weight loss you have to follow the following three things:-
    1. A calorie-deficit diet (with the right amount of carbs, protein, and fat)
    2. Workout (5-6 hours/ week)
    3. Sleep (7 to 8 hours daily)

  4. Can I drink a protein shake before bed?

    Yes, You can drink a shake before bed. Protein-rich food before sleep helps the body to nourish essential nutrients for muscle building. Drinking a protein-rich shake before bed continues protein synthesis, and it can boost muscle growth and fat loss.

  5. What happens if you don’t eat enough protein?

    Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. It is made up of amino acids that help grow, maintain, and repair body parts like bones, muscles, skin, cartilage, soft tissues, etc.
    Lack of protein can lead to severe problems like:
    1. Loss of muscles
    2. Risk of Bone Fractures
    3. Fatty Liver
    4. Hair loss
    5. Fatigue regularly
    6. Edema and various skin diseases

  6. What are foods high in protein?

    There are several high-protein food options available in the market.
    Some of the options I would like to mention.
    – Animal Sources include Eggs, Meat, Fish, dairy, etc.
    – Plant-based sources include Soya chunks, legumes, tofu, seeds, nuts, etc.

Equate Protein Powder Review Conclusion

In this equate whey protein review, We have discussed almost everything in-depth this supplement has to offer. We learned about the ingredients used in making, the bioavailability of protein, the use of artificial sweeteners and flavors, price, and mixability, etc.

Undoubtedly whey protein is a budget-friendly protein supplement suitable for both men and women for goals like weight gain or fat loss within a budget. 

Though Equate whey protein powder is not a 100% lean isolate protein supplement, the combination of both whey concrete and isolate, that’s why pro users are not a fan of it.

You can make several delicious recipes like protein balls, protein bars, smoothies, shakes, cookies, cakes, pancakes, etc. with this supplement’s two flavors. 

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